Over the years White Tiger Graphics has created cover artwork for a wide cross section of Australian performers, record companies, recording studios. Here are some names that you may recognise:

John Waters
Casey Donovan
Col Joye
Roland Storm
Jimmy Little
Kevin Borich
Jeff Lang
Helen Zerefos
The Atlantics
The Bachelors
Ian Cooper
Simon Tedeschi
Peter Byrne
Jim Haynes

Bernard Walz
Jon Darsk
Mike Nock
Sam McNally
Greg McCosker
Geoff Mack
Bondi Cigars
Wayne Horsburgh
Mark Cashin
Judy Stone
Stuie French
Camille Te Nahu
Lindsay Butler
Shaza Leigh

Graham Rodger
Craig Giles
Nick Fowler
Dave Warner
Jonathan Clark
Du Monde Records
Kross Kut Records
LBS Music
RPM Records
Outback Records
St. Josephs College
St. Ignatius College
St. Aloyisius College
Knox Grammar